LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY 2018 // REVIEW - Unique Lullaby
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- Monday, 21 May 2018. to read...
The sun locked down on the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool where the atmosphere was absolutely packed with good vibes and some absolutely fantastic live sets. Hundreds of bands were showcased over the course of the bank holiday weekend and new talent was dispersed to new ears and brand new fans. 

This harmonising indie-pop quartet from Leeds filled Camp & Furnace to the brim with their anthemic sound echoing through the warehouse. An incredibly tight live band with goosebump-infused harmonies which are perfectly poised among the catchy guitar riffs and head bopping drum patterns. A perfect band for any summer festival and in the excitement from the hint of summer we all experienced over the weekend the pop sensibilities sent the moods of the crowd sky rocketing through the summery feels.

The blinders are fully fuelled with high octane and a riff crunching live set to go alongside. After releasing murky new single L'etat C'est Moi just days before their festival slot, its clear to see their fans wading through the crowd as a wave of excited listeners were exclaiming the lyrics. This three piece are a hugely exciting new band to be emerging from the UK at the moment with hedonistic songwriting and tightly clamped musicianship, The Blinders owned the stage for the Modern Sky showcase in District. 

Continuing the Modern Sky Showcase in District was groove endorsing stockport lads, No Hot Ashes. This quartet have a serious skill for making you move. After releasing their EP - SKINT KIDS DISCO earlier this year, these boys have gone from strength to strength. A live act which will brighten up your gigging experience and enjoy the serious luminous mood shift. 

Liverpool Sound City is an amazing place to find music from all nooks and crannies and catching SPILT in upstairs at Blade Factory was my little gem from the weekend. This young three piece ellude so much raw, musically powered energy, it was a huge wake me up being one of the first bands on the Sunday of the Festival. After hearing the bands recently released tracks Acid Baby // Catnip I was keen to catch their set and I was not disappointed. The musicianship within this band is totally electric and with an eclectic conglomerate of songs in their energised live set they were a memorable band to take from the weekend and ones with huge prospects for the coming year.

Following the release of their brand new album  'Blend Inn', Hockey dad brought some big riffs and exciting rock sensibilities with an energetic live set. The old school inspired music patterns within this duo's sound take you right back to the early 00s pop-punk infused riffs that pack a serious punch with 'I Wanna Be Everybody' sounding slamming through the walls of The Blade Factory.

Check out more highlights below in my video. 

Amazing sets also came from 

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