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- Wednesday, 16 May 2018. to read...
Rainbow Maniac are another iron in the fire of exciting young bands to be emerging from Cardiff at the moment. This dynamic quartet bring shimmering rock 'n' roll sensibilities mulched in with a slight tint of the indie-blues. Hugely active live performers and with a brilliantly produced EP under their belt its only a matter of time until we are graced with some brand new music and more enthralling live sets. 

Check out my interview below ahead of their upcoming BBC Biggest Weekend Fringe Gig in Clwb Y Bont on May 18th. 

Where are you right now and what was the last song you listened to?
In wetherspoons with the band, ordered the southern fried chicken wrap and it was amazing, really great. The last song I listened to was probably something off of the new Arctic Monkeys album, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, I’m really massively into it now!

What was the first Vinyl you ever span and the first CD you bought and how did they make you feel?
It’s really hard to remember the first cd I ever bought as I would have been really young and I’ve repressed most of my childhood, but I think it was either Appetite for Destruction by Guns n Roses, a classic euphoria compilation or Ludacris - Red Light District, I was really into Ludacris as a child. I’m sure the Guns n Roses album made me feel exited. The Ludacris album probably made me feel like a pimp. Can’t remember the first vinyl sorry.

Your so active on the scene here in Cardiff, who are some of your favourite Cardiff bands and artists at the moment?
Well obviously there’s the mighty Boy Azooga, the rowdy and talented CVC, with whom I share a house, the Sock and the Buzzards.

You’ve also recently played with the likes of SHEAFS in Sheffield and a show in London - how did you find the crowds received you at those gigs?
Yeah we have a really good time particularly in northern cities, (with no offence to southern cities) everyone seems really friendly and passionate about music, and we always seem to go down a storm, even with crowds that have never heard of us. Maybe it’s because we have some strong Manchester and Sheffield influences.

Whats your favourite part of playing new cities?
 Just making new friends and fans. It’s like in Cardiff, a lot of the fans know what their gonna get when the come to see us (a showcase of amazing songwriting and powerful live showmanship 😉), but in a new city where no one has ever heard of us, the crowd will usually be expecting a relatively shit band, and then when we run through our set it turns into a big party.

Your RMEP1 was released last year and had some great feedback from BBC Wales, do you find you have more and more people signing the lyrics back to you when you play live?
 Yeah at our live shows we’ve started having a bit of a singalong to our song Uma Thurman and it’s always a lot of fun. And it is amazing having anyone singing your songs back to you, hopefully the venues can get bigger and the voices an get even louder.

The Video for, Going Out On My Own, looked really fun to film, I love how trippy it is. Can we expect more videos like this?
We have got plans to record a new video, and it’s definitely going to be trippy, but in a different way. I think the GOOMO video reflected its raw sound and energy, our new recordings are more refined, and the music video is going to reflect that.

You have some really exciting gigs coming up including a headline, BBC BIGGEST WEEKEND, Fringe Show in Clwb Y Bont, with The Pitchforks and The Witching Hour, how are you feeling about playing and what can we expect from your set?
We’re all looking forward to it, we haven’t played a show in a few weeks so we’re keen to get on stage and show some bravado; I know I am anyway.
In terms of what to expect, our live show is tighter and better than ever so it’s gonna be good. Usually when we play a headline show, we try and learn a special cover to make the show more of a ‘one off’ for the fans. So there is that to look forward to ☺️.

Whats going on behind the scenes for you guys? Can we expect some more music very soon?
Well we have made some amazing new recordings with Charlie Francis, but as far as how and when we’re gonna release them, we can’t really say anything.

And finally as you’ve played Jack Rocks This Feeling stage at Reading Festival which five artists would be on your dream festival bill alongside yourselves and what are your three festival survival items you can’t go without?
Dream Festival 5: Rolling Stones, Oasis, the Doors, Pulp and The Libertines. And Jarvis Cocker gets on stage with the Rolling Stones for their first song, which is ‘start me up’

3 festival survival items: a massive box of cans, Menthol cigarettes and a wallet full of money.

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