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- Tuesday, 20 November 2018. to read...

False Heads have been making some serious musical waves over the last year. Ex-Ramones manager Danny Fields has dubbed them as “one of the best live bands in the world” and Iggy  Pop who  said  “they  are  young,  talented  and  going  places”,which is pretty impressive itself. If you head down to a False Heads gig you will absolutely see why. The raw energy and passion that flows through their live presence is hugely admirable. 

Lead singer and guitarist Luke Griffiths, bassist Jake Elliot and drummer Barney Nash dig their feet firmly into the ground when it comes to their sound and their principles which is what is so organically exciting about this trio, making them a musical force to be reckoned with. Less Is Better showcases this with tenacity. 

Less Is Better kicks off with 'Yellow'. The musical control of the melody in this track is grasped so tightly and clashes sustainably with rippling force into the rasping chorus which holds plenty of grit. Leading into an incredibly timed head banging drop which would instigate any moshpit within a matter of milliseconds. It's a hard hitting track lining up the EP for what's to follow.

Next is 'Retina (EP Version)'. This is the record that introduced me to False Heads and is contagiously crafted. It draws you in. Interestingly mastered differently to the previous single version we heard earlier this year, I personally really like the reverbing touch to Luke's vocals which adds a slightly hypnotic edge slotting in nicely with the nature of the song. 

'Help Yourself' is up next and with its gnarly delivery, it's an honest back to back pure rock formation with an infectiously hooky chorus and substantial distortionTo round off the EP we are met with the explosive attitude that is 'Wrap Up'. Jake's bass guitar rips through the forefront of this track with bags of rapturing intensity. Infused with an anarchy of punk sensibilities that sits with the gritty riffs and Barney's energetic drum patterns. Huge feeling eludes from this track. Each installment on this EP is seeping with monstrously contagious riffs and Wrap Up really does ‘wrap up’ the EP in a huge way.

They are one of the most exciting bands to keep your eyes on over the next year with lots more to offer. 
Less  is  Better  was  a  just  a  natural  progression  to  Gutter  Press really,  there  are  similar  themes  throughout. 
͚"'Gutter  Press' was  a  dig  at  everyone  (including  myself)  about  how  we  conduct  ourselves  on  social  media  and  how  we're almost  all  part  of  the  tabloids  because  of  how  we  use  it 'Less  is  Better' lyrically  is  slightly  more  personal,  but  it  also  covers  our  views  of  social  media,  censorship  and  authoritarianism.  The  fact  that  online  debates  are  almost  conducted  in  the  same  fashion  in  the  real  world,  into  actual personal  relationships  to  us  is  a  worrying  thing.  Its  creating  a  divide  between  so  many  of  us  on  miniscule  disagreements  of  political  or  social  issues.  The  idea  of  individualism  is  dying  out,  were  all  desperate  to  be  part  of  a  group,  and  then  appease  that  group  by  any  means  necessary, even  if  that  means  not expressing  your  own  opinion.  We  feel  that  people  need  to  stand  up  in  what  they  believe  in.  Viral  activity  and  celebrity status  is  putting  a  dampener  on  authentic  art,  which  for  us  is  a  big  negative  we  want  to  see  and  hear  the  real,  raw  expressionism  of  people!" - (LUKE GRIFFITHS) 

     False Heads 

Check out my interview at Liverpool Sound City earlier this year:

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