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- Monday, 28 January 2019. to read...

In the wake of recording their debut album, Rainbow Maniac are about to drop their latest single 'SNOWBALL' (29th Jan). Snowball slides from a gentle uphill climb into a full-frontal crisp riffy anthem. The rhythms pack a punch and I am certain it will be a live-wire electric crowd pleaser during their hometown headline show at The Moon in Cardiff tomorrow.

I caught up with Conor about recording the upcoming album, releasing Snowball, playing Independent Venues & more:

Happy new year, it's been a while since we last chatted, how’s things, did you all have a nice Christmas?

Christmas was pretty shit. It’s always shit but I usually just get pissed so it’s alright. But this year I had to drive my brother home because he’s lost his licence - so I didn’t even have that. NYE was fantastic though, went to tramshed with our friends from CVC, we had some free VIP tickets, it wasn’t that fancy or anything but yeah it was a great night thanks 😊

You played some cool shows last year including Shimmer Sounds alongside PEACE, FICKLE FRIENDS, ANTEROS and more, how was that show?
Yeah it was amazing, we played to a nice full crowd, watched a couple of the other bands like our mates Al Moses and Jordan Allen. Peace were great, we watched them from the balcony bit which was nice. The singer looks a bit like eleven from stranger things now, which is strange because I remembered him looking more like what I look like now. We ended up getting really drunk in a Wetherspoons with Dave (CVC) and banter was achieved- to say the least.

What’s been going on behind the scenes since we last spoke in July, I remember you teased some potential recordings and new tracks going down?
Well it’s a tricky one. We’ve recorded 5 tracks in the snowy mountains of mid wales - which I’m now referring to as ‘the giant wafer sessions’ - their great. One of which we’re releasing at the End of the month (Snowball). We’re also in the process of recording our first album, which is being given a similar stripped down treatment to our debut EP. RMEP1 - which is still available on 12 inches of pink vinyl 😉.

Snowball is packed full of big riffs and an anthemic chorus which just bodes incredibly well in performing it live, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Where was this recorded and how did it go down in the studio?
It was recorded in the famous ‘giant wafer sessions’. Everything about recording those songs was great. Particularly a really nice cat called wonky.

Do you feel as though the way you write has changed in anyway since RMEP1?
Yeah for sure. Not in a major way, but I suppose I’m just always trying to write better and better songs, which has led to the newer songs being a bit more soulful, with tight hooks and melodies.

Heading out on tour in January across the UK - how are you feeling about that, are you excited to tease Snowball live?
Yeah we’re pretty excited about the whole set tbh. It’s certainly better than ever

Releasing the single with a live show in support of Independent Venue Week on the 29th in The Moon Club. Grassroots venues are a huge part of the culture of Cardiff’s live music scene, how important are Grassroots venues for you as band?
I suppose they are pretty important, seeing as all of our early gigs - and even a lot of our current gigs! - are held in venues like gwdihw and moon club. It’s a shame that they are all under threat of closing because of money hungry people building student accommodation and things like that.

The music scene in Cardiff just seems to keep growing, you’ve got some great local supports at a couple of your upcoming shows from the likes of Al MOSES, ROTANAS, CAROLINES, WYNT how do you feel about the scene at the moment and are there any bands we should keep an eye on in Wales?
Well i don’t know about the whole of Wales, I’m not that savvy when it comes to up and coming bands, but the Cardiff band whose talent I’m most jealous of is probably CVC. Which is probably because they take so much songwriting inspiration from myself and rainbow Maniac haha.

Where would you like Rainbow Maniac to be by the end of 2019?
In talks with labels


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